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At Eplax Solution and Tecnolgy we design and make custom plastic enclosures and housings in small, medium or large production runs. Using a technology called CFA (cut, fold and assembly that not Molds Required), we fabricate custom plastic enclosures, plastic panels, plastic shrouds, and various other types of plastic electronic housings.

We work with you from project conception and design to delivery of the final ready-to-use plastic enclosure. We pride ourselves on being the quickest, easiest, and most affordable solution to creating custom enclosures for your electronics, medical equipment, hand held devices, or any other enclosure types you have.

Our on-staff engineering team will work with you to design and prototype a plastic enclosure to your specifications. Based on your specifications they will create a CAD model, once the design is approved by you, we will process a prototype for testing.

Our process offers a more cost effective solution than injection molding and delivers a more appealing product than sheet metal forming. This process is an ideal alternative to thermo forming, pressure forming, vacuum forming, and injection molding.

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